The High-end Watch Tax Rate Is Reduced By 10%

Personal entry goods enjoy favorable tax reduction today, and the high-end watch tax rate is reduced by 10%.

From November 1st, 22 types of items such as cigarettes, alcohol, and high-end cosmetics that are personally mailed and brought into the country will enjoy the benefits of tax reduction. On October 31, it was learned from Wuhan Customs that according to the announcement No. 140 of 2018 issued by the General Administration of Customs, the province will adjust the tariff policy simultaneously so that consumers can enjoy tax cuts.

tax rate on watch

After the entry tax rate is lowered, the tax rate is mainly divided into three categories: the first rate is 15% (for the total tax rate of value-added tax, consumption tax and tariff), which remains unchanged; the second rate is reduced from the original 30% to 25%. The third tax rate was reduced from the original 60% to 50%.

The person in charge of the customs department of Wuhan Customs has calculated the account: If the current German Zwilling cooker has more mail, the declared price is 1,000 yuan. According to the original second rate, the tax is 300 yuan, and after enjoying the tax reduction of 5%. , only pay 250 yuan; for passengers carrying high-end watches that are more common in entering the country (watches with a tax-paid price of RMB 10,000 or more), at least 6,000 yuan of tax will be paid according to the original tax rate, and 10% of the tax reduction will be enjoyed. Can save tax 1,000 yuan.

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